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Understand Organic Gardening

Organic gardening has made a resurgence in recent years due to concern about the toxic pesticides and genetically modified products which have found their way into our food supply.

That’s why more people are opting to start their own organic vegetable gardens providing them easy access to food they know is grown in the healthiest possible way and which is considerably cheaper than anything available at the store or at farmer’s markets.

The increasing popularity of organic gardening has made it easier than ever to get started. Resources are available in numerous books, on the internet, and in the form of gardening clubs. Your local university or agricultural extension office can also be a valuable source of information.


Three Tips For A Perfect Organic Garden

If you’re concerned about the safety of the foods you eat, then you may have considered starting your own garden.  Enjoying fresh produce from your own backyard will make an enormous difference in your health and the money you’ll be saving from growing it and not buying it will be a nice added benefit.

As you can see, the rewards are great and while it is a commitment, it doesn’t have to complicated or difficult. But there are three important tips which will ensure your success and get you on your way to having a perfect organic garden.

1.  Prepare the soil before you start planting. 
Knowing the type of soil is key because plants grow better in garden soil which contains nutrients. Have your soil tested, or buy a kit at a nursery or home improvement store and test it yourself. You’ll find out if your soil is too alkaline or too acidic (for the majority of plants, it should be slightly acidic at a pH level between 6.2 and 6.8). Your local nursery should be able to advise you on how to adjust your soil’s pH balance if it’s off.

Make sure to work lots of compost and other organic material into your garden before you start planting. Without this extra step, you may end up with plants that don’t thrive or produce.

2.  Choose the plants which will thrive in your region.
Research the types of vegetables that are most likely to do well in your growing zone. Remember to take into consideration the amount of sunlight and rainfall your garden receives. Most plants require at least 6 hours of sun, but there are a few plants, such as lettuce, which do best in a cooler location, even in partial shade. Your local agricultural extension office, garden clubs, and nurseries are an excellent source of information into which specific varieties would do best in your area. They can also offer insight on the pests and diseases which are prevalent locally. They may even be able to recommend cultivars that have been developed to be resistant to these diseases and pests.

3.  Make your own organic mulch and fertilizer.
Composting allows you to make use of your yard clippings, and food scraps to make your own organic material which can be used as much and fertilizer. You can purchase a composting bin or simply make your own using chicken wire. Include a mixture of material which is high in carbon (straw, shredded newspapers, and sawdust) and material which is high in nitrogen (kitchen scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, manure, and grass clippings). Just make sure not to include oil, bones, pet or human feces, or meat.

Proper preparation and planning are integral to the success of your organic gardening project. Take the extra time because the rewards of a perfect organic garden are well worth it. 

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy fresh, organic food by walking right outside your door and you’ll be on your way to achieving better health. 

The video below an example taken from the Organic Gardening course.

Click on the link below for more information about Organic Gardening



Welcome Our New Jellybean Television Affiliate . . . COACH HITE U

Coach Leon Hite III  Co-Founder of CoachHiteU

The major goal of Coach Hite U is to teach people to help uplift others and this will in turn uplift them….

Coach Leon Hite III is an energetic, innovative and passionate speaker. Although his message is appropriate for people of all ages his special passion is mentoring young people and motivating them to think positively so they can become productive citizens in today’s society.

The passion that Coach Hite has for people and his recognized success in inspirational speaking has led him to opportunities to coach business executives, principals, teachers and students of all ages.

Coach Hite’s presentations are successful and inspirational for a number of reasons:

* His parents instilled a work ethic in him and they expected achievement.

* Part of a progressive military family he received his education from many parts of the world.

* Experiences in dealing with different cultures and classes made him sensitive to a broader view.

* Humor, energy, and vitality are intrinsic in his personality.

* He speaks from his heart.

He has trained staff from various companies such as Clayco, Amgen Pharmaceuticals, and American Communications Network. He has presented such topics as Vision, Leadership, Tenacity, and how to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

He has worked with Local School Districts such as Parkway, Rockwood, and Kirkwood and has even ventured out of state to deliver his message as far as South Carolina, Tennessee and Huntsville Alabama to name a few.

His conceptualization and innovation come from a strong family background as well as from several years of being under the tutelage and training of motivational speakers such as Les Brown, John C. Maxwell and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Currently, Coach Hite is Safety and Security Coordinator for the Jennings School District which is a small community outside the inner city of St. Louis, Mo. There he is a mentor to staff, students as well as a role model and coach. He is an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Last but not least, Leon is a husband to the beautiful Mrs. Tameka Hite and a loving father to Adora, Zoie, and Zion Hite, but most of all he is a believer that JESUS Christ is his savior…

The videos below are more examples from Jellybean Academy




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