June 13, 2024

About Us

Jellybean Television and Jellybean Academy are the brain children of Jim Long. Jim is now retired (sort of) after spending over 35 years as an engineer in a local Broadcast Television station. He has also owned and operated a successful technical training center. Not satisfied with all that was on his plate, he and his family ran a photography/video studio in the local area. Now that he is retired, (did I mention “sort of” ?) he has poured his heart and soul into amassing a tremendous resource of multi media programming for the entire family available 24/7. Jim is the primary video editor using his talents and imagination to create revised contemporary animated graphics, FlipBooks, and videos.

  • With all the activities in which today’s families are involved, it’s getting harder and harder to get everyone to spend quality time together.  
  • Jellybean Television delivers family friendly television programs designed to be educational, entertaining, and uplifting for the entire family.
  • Jellybean Television offers a video-on-demand archive library accessible 24/7. 
  • Scheduled live broadcasts are also offered through Jellybean Television.
  • Much of our material was donated in one form or another. With permission, we take this material and add animation, sound effects and narration.

  • We are always looking for more great media products to add to our growing library. Keeping in mind our core family values, if you have any material you think we might be interested in, please contact us right away. We would love to consider all contributions.