June 13, 2024

Jellybean Club Members

For our faithful partners, who support our ministry, we offer special resources including our brand new Interactive “You Choose” Videos. These interactive videos present a pause in the storyline with an option to select a different ending to the story. We attempt to teach children that the choices we make in life have varying consequences. Some are good and some are not so good. Through real-life scenarios, we dramatically engage the children in virtual decision-making and experience the results of their choices. Our goal is to show by example how to make wise decisions that bring glory and honor to God, the Father, and reward to the children.

Our first story produced using this new interactive technology is called “Attack of the Chocolate Cake”. It’s a story of two young sisters, one of which wants to surprise her mother with a homemade birthday cake, and the other, more cautious sister, recommends reading the instructions before going too far. Catastrophe is waiting, but what happens next is up to the reader.

To get a sneak peek of the new interactive “You Choose” video select the adjacent video.

Jellybean Members will be given access to special enhanced content not available to the general public. New material will be added monthly at no additional cost to members. Membership fees are only $5 per month or $50/per year for unlimited access to all the material in the Jellybean Members area.

Please consider joining NOW to begin enjoying new exciting children’s positive life-changing stories at our low monthly rate or even better yearly rate of just $50!